Moving House

They say that moving house is one of the more stressful things you can do. It doesn't have to be that way.

Yes there are challenges but you're not lost at sea.

Moving home is exciting. It's a fresh start that brings with it new opportunities and the chance to stamp your mark on your new home, making it yours.

Time and money

There are probably a few things that you're already weighing up...

Can we afford to move?

Is now the right time to move?

How much deposit do we need?

Do we need to sell?

We're tied into our current mortgage will this stop us?

What costs are involved?

Can we borrow enough money?

What mortgage product/ lender do we choose this time?

How much will it cost each month?

Do we just stick with our current lender?

Let us take a Lode off your mind.

Let us take a Lode off your mind.

Our returning customers rely on our decades of experience. We will be between you and the lenders doing the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on all the other parts of house finding and moving.

We're confident we can find and negotiate a financial product that will work for you not against you. Leaving you to not only find your new house but enjoy the time within it.

Hopefully that feels better already.


Calming the waters

  • It's all about you. No really
    We'll work through a full assessment of your current circumstances leaving no stone unturned
  • Compare all lenders and find the right solution for you
    There's often more than one lender that could suit you. We'll explain all the different options and guide you accordingly. You'll know all the pros and cons of each one and make an informed decision
  • It's a go
    When you've made the decision to move you don't want anything holding you back, saving you time is a key benefit
  • All about saving
    It's been said before but time is often your money. We actively reduce delays and processing time

  • Reducing your overall costs
  • It's never all about the numbers
    We know there's a human side, we want to avoid heartbreak and anxiety whenever we can
  • You're special and so are we
    Our reputation and relationships often give us access to exclusive financial products.
  • Moving house takes two to tango
    We work towards a smooth transition tieing selling and buying together

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Case Stories

Craig has helped our family move three times in recent years.

From filtering the market for the best terms and most efficient lenders to actually doing all the paperwork and chasing the lender on our behalf. Without Craig's help and his assistance it would have been a far more tortuous and elongated process.

I would not, and have not, hesitated from recommending Craig to friends and colleagues and if we move house again Craig will be one of my first calls.

Thinking about moving?

As exciting as this is though it can be a very overwhelming process. There are so many things to consider and do before and after the big day arrives. Hopefully, our handy guide will help you avoid the brunt of the stress and avoid any last-minute hiccups.

You should put this plan into action as early as possible. It will ensure that you keep everything as simple and straightforward as you possibly can and make your life on M Day much easier and calm.


The end of

Whatever your reasons for moving, we are here to make the financial side both smooth, cost effective and prudent.

New beginnings

Let's get started

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